This is my current setup at the InyangEffiong studio

Microphones & Mounts

Host – HEIL PR40

on HEIL PRSM Shockmount

AuRay BA 2EN 2 section mount

Kopul Elite 400 XLR Cable

It all came as part of this Amazon Bundle 

I picked up the Heil Sound Windscreen for PR30 and PR40 microphones separately


Audio Technica ATR2100 on Neewer 2 Section Arm

CISNO Shock mount (which replaced a Neewer shock mount that was crap!)

CISNO pop filter integrated into above shock mount

Generic XLR Cable

The microphones are wired into a

Mixer & Processor

Mackie 802VLZ4, 8-channel Mixer 

Two Mic channels are taken out to a

dbx166XS  Compressor Limiter Gate

From the mixer;

The two main outputs go to a

Zoom H5 Recorder

and 2 auxiliary outputs go to a

Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface which is connected to a

Mac Mini running

Audacity as my DAW

I record both in Audacity on the Mac and on the Zoom H5 recorder.

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