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Ogun State Vehicle Papers

10 Ways to Improve Road Travel in Nigeria

Traveling by road around Nigeria is not a nice experience, actually, it is a horrible experience. I travel about 4,000 km average every month and come across the same things day after day, sometimes, it feels like groundhog day in
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Ore Ijebu Ode Highway in Nigeria

RoadWorthiness Paper in Nigeria – Scam or Useless Piece of Paper?

The RoadWorthiness Paper Scam
Every vehicle on the road in Nigeria now carries one extra piece of paper.
Green background, with official looking logos and writing you can not read. You have to renew it every year or 6 months. … Read the rest

Paul Foh at Rakatan Studios

EP11 Paul Foh on Improving and Growing Your Brand

Paul Foh, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Consultant

Starting from a 5$ a day business to consulting for multi nationals across Africa, Paul shares what it takes to start your brand, develop it and improve it

Questions answered in this … Read the rest

Sune Thuesen

EP10 Sune Thuesen Cycling through West Africa

Join Sune Thuesen as he cycles through West Africa. Sune started off from Denmark, headed across Europe and dropped into Morocco from Spain.
He rode down into Senegal and hugged the coast in West Africa all the way to … Read the rest

BlazingHeart Autism Centre

EP09 Beauty Kumesine of BlazingHeart Centre on Managing Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mrs. Beauty Kumesine talks about her centre’s work on identifying and managing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning disabilities. She only speaks on whey she is an advocate for children with disabilities, the path to inclusion for … Read the rest

Jide Ipaye

EP08 Jide Ipaye KEEXS Sneaker

From Idea to Product, Jide Ipaye shares how he started the KEEXS.com sneaker brand from the frustration of not finding suitable shoes for himself. Join us as we follow Jide on his journey from a personal problem to the … Read the rest

Jane Michael Ekanem Fashion Stylist

EP07 Jane Michael Ekanem Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur

The glamour, the lights and the fame, that is how we look at the fashion business from outside, but what really goes on inside and how does one get in?
Jane Michael Ekanem, fashion entrepreneur and Creative Director of
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Ladi Soetan InyangEffiong Show

EP06 Ladi Soetan on Cycling for Health and Fitness

Ladi Soetan of SijiSoetan and Associates talks about keeping fit with cycling (and running), cycling in Lagos and how a cycling club helps people have a structure to their cycling and workouts while keeping up with their busy schedules!… Read the rest

IB Udofia at Cameroon on Motorcycle

EP05 Adventure Travel tips from IB Udofia

We had a long talk with IB Udofia on the subject of Adventure Travel. Not just Adventure Travel but traveling around the world while holding a steady job. Combining traveling and being a family person. How do you balance … Read the rest

Derek Smith OIS Principal

EP04 Interview with Derek Smith of OIS

We interview Mr. Derek Smith, the principal of Olashore International School located at Iloko Ijesha in Osun State, Nigeria.

Olashore International School was founded in 1993 and opened to the first set of students in 1994. It has grown … Read the rest

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