We had a long talk with IB Udofia on the subject of Adventure Travel. Not just Adventure Travel but traveling around the world while holding a steady job. Combining traveling and being a family person. How do you balance the two?

Ib Udofia is a Human Resources professional with a passion for traveling and motorcycles. He tells us how he plans his trips and how others can also plan their trips to ;

Have fun, recharge your energy, keep your family close and make good memories.

We dived deep into two of his trips on motorcycle, a ride around Cameroon from Port Harcourt in Nigeria and a long way trip from Den Haag in the Netherlands to Malmo in Sweden via Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Information on his trips and references to places mentioned in the podcast are listed below with links


Cameroon Gabon border on Motorcycle

Cameroon Gabon border


Cameroon Road trip

Google Map for outward leg

Google Map for return leg

The Turning Torso building in Malmo, Sweden

Den Haag, The Netherlands to Malmo, Sweden
Google Map for outward trip

Malmo, Sweden back to Den Haag, The Netherlands
Google Map for return trip

The Architect Santiago Calatrava

Garmin GPS


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