Fr. Okojie talks about Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja, what makes the school number 1 in West Africa, what drives Jesuit schools to excel, living life in the service of others, teaching and living with kids, early life influences and more

Fr. Joe-Stanis Okoye, SJ

Fr. Joe-Stanis Okoye, SJ

Today’s guest, Fr. Joe-Stanis Okoye, SJ, is the Principal of Loyola Jesuit School, Abuja. He has been the School Principal since April, 2014 and is on his second year in the position at the time of recording this podcast in January 2016. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Humanities from the Jesuit School of Philosophy and Humanities in the University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, a Masters of Divinity from the Santa Clara University, California in the United States, a Master in Catholic Educational Leadership from the University of San Fransisco in California, USA and Post Graduate Program in Development Administration from the Institute of Development Administration in Nigeria and various other certifications and trainings under his belt.

Phew! Just writing this list makes me want to register for some more training!

Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja is a Catholic and Jesuit co-education boarding school located in the outskirts of Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria. Founded in 1996, the college is open to students and staff of all religions and aims to develop individual talents and gifts while providing quality education to all its students. To quote from its website, —  Ideally, Loyola Jesuit College should be a place where people are believed in, honoured and cared for; where the natural talents and creative abilities of persons are recognised and celebrated; where individual contributions and accomplishments are appreciated; where everyone is treated fairly and justly; where sacrifice on behalf of the economically poor, the socially deprived, and the educationally disadvantaged are commonplace; where each person finds the challenge, encouragement and support he/she needs to reach the fullest individual potential for excellence; where members of the community help one another and work together with enthusiasm and generosity, attempting to represent concretely in word and action the ideal of the school:SERVICE OF GOD AND OTHERS’.

Based on its academic performance, the college is rated as the number 1 in West Africa. The college has consistently produced top performing  in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board examination (JAMB UMTE), which is used as the basis of admission to tertiary institutions in Nigeria (an equivalent of the SAT). The college is reckoned the most consistent top performing school in the West Africa Examination Council WAEC examinations which is the final year examination for secondary schools in English Speaking West Africa.

The interview took place in the office of Fr. Joe-Stanis Okoye, SJ located in the administration building of the college. I had a 12 O’Clock appointment on a Monday right after a busy visiting weekend, I was there by 1130 AM and met people on the queue waiting to see the Principal! He kept to the appointed time though and apart from giving up my initial space a parent that said she had just a quick discussion to do.

Breaking News…. Loyola Jesuit College tops latest WAEC rankings

In this interview you will hear from Fr. Joe-Stanis Okoye, SJ on:

  •  The gains from implementing a Jesuit Education System
  • What makes Loyola Jesuit the top school in West Africa
  • How the college attracts top students and academic staff
  • What drives him to be an educationist
  • The Jesuit way and how it applies to modern life
  • What other schools can learn from the Loyola College way
  • Life in the ‘den’ and how it shapes the students for further life
  • The influence teachers have on students life in school and post school

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You can find out more about Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja on their website

The School is at Gidan Mangoro, Karu-Karshi Road, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, NIGERIA.

The main email is  [email protected]

Information about the Society of Jesus

Society of Jesus homepage

Loyola Jesuit College Abuja on Wikipedia


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