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RoadX Nigeria Car Racing Track Open for Racing

The RoadXNigeria Car racing track is open now at Evbuobanosa, KM32 Benin-Asaba Highway. The 2.5km long track follows the best tradition of car racing tracks worldwide and has something for every racing enthusiast. Currently setup for dirt racing, there is an active E30 (BMW 3 Series) racing event going on with weekend qualifiers and monthly shootouts.

The current leaderboard is available at

Car Racing in Nigeria

RoadX Main Straight

Car racing enthusiasts have been homing into the track from all across Nigeria and giving it their best attempt. With all the kilometres travelled and petrol burnt, the current leaderboard is topped by a local boy, Jerry Omigie, who is set to win the N100,000 monthly prize if he holds off challengers by the end of the month.

Checking out the E30 at RoadX

I am in the market for an E30 after just 4 laps of the track! That is how good it is and actually driving around a race track in Nigeria is a priceless feeling.

The best way to spend a weekend is to arrive at the track early with your mates, carry along a cooler filled with drinks, drive and show who is king then kick back and relax. The swim back at the hotel will even feel much much better and if you are into pastries, have some freshly baked ones post race to even things out.


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  1. Mo-ducati

    Nice one master…You sure Had a deep in d pool after words…..

  2. Bola Bolarin

    This is great!

    • Inyang Effiong

      Will be a good outlet for XtreMechanics to come in and make parts for the race cars
      We have to import all the parts or use substandard ones
      What do you think?

  3. osho

    congrats enthusiasts!

  4. Franco Nero

    This is great, thanks Master for the publicity.
    Car racing in ma backyard, must be part of it

  5. Wisdom Emeh

    Nice one, master! But I expected so drafts through the corners that would have increased your lap time, as you seem to slow down on the curves.

    • Inyang Effiong

      Was focused on getting good video oh, not lap times

      Let’s meet there on the weekend and see which theory works!

  6. Blow

    Massa……welldone sah

  7. DoDo GraphiX

    Simply Awesome ! Won’t mind being your assistant hehe ^_^

    • Inyang Effiong

      Hi Dodo,
      We are trying to setup MotorSports in Nigeria so people have options for their weekend relaxation and fun!
      Like you have in Togo
      Kudos to Odu Okhao for putting action to his dreams and bringing us the First Track in Nigeria

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