Requires moving from where we are (eg Nigeria is 181/190 in the ranking of countries health care system) to where we want to be

WHO has identified 5 control knobs for health care reform

  1. Organisational Knob
  2. Regulatory Knob
  3. Payment Knob – who pays
  4. Finance Knob
  5. Consumer behaviour/Behaviour change Knob

In the interview, Dr. Fakunle focuses on the Behaviour Change Knob.

Steps of Change

Step by Step Process

  1. As is – Status Quo
  2. Accept Change is inevitable
  3. Acquire skills and knowledge
  4. Change
  5. Change as the new normal
  6. Realisation of benefits

Dr. Babatunde Fakunle holds an MBBS from The University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and is a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians (Faculty of Paediatrics) and Fellow of International Society for Quality in Healthcare (FISQUA). He is a certified Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Professional member of the Paediatric Association of Nigeria and former Secretary General of the Association. He obtained a post-graduate diploma in Public Health from University of London and is an honorary member of the Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria.

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