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Happy New Month – Shifts in Behaviour driven by what?

The first two days of every month were hard for me, lots of SMS and chats, even (shudder) face-to-face interactions, all around the now (in)famous phrase – Happy New Month!

This looks like part of our culture now, I am … Read the rest

Slavery and the issue of language – When words fail

One of the languages, if not the only one that has retained its form over centuries is Arabic, most other languages have evolved and meanings have changed so much even for words that are still the same, when you add
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Exploring Nigeria – Hiking across Obudu Mountain (Day 1 of our camping trip)

How long is the ideal holiday?

A week, two, one month? Who has all that time for a holiday when there is the constant hustle of modern life?

Day 3 Stop Location - HobbitsvilleWhat if you can pack in a holiday into one long weekend … Read the rest

Card Paper and Coin Money

How Crytocurrencies really work (and what you can do with them)

In this 3rd part of the series on money and cryptocurrencies, we dive deeper into the mechanism of cryptocurrencies.

At the very core, a cryptocurrency is basically a token that is created and maintained on top of a blockchain, the
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Understanding Money and Cryptocurrencies (Blockchain applications part 2)

Bundle of Money

A cryptocurrency is simply currency/money that is based on strong cryptography to secure its use for transactions, to control the creation of additional units and to verify any operations done with it. Most definitions like to add … Read the rest

A simple explanation of blockchains and crypto currencies

Chained to a bank?, not anymore.

What is the blockchain?
Say you have an account with Union Bank of Nigeria, every time you pay in money, the bank records it on your account sheet (ledger), every time you do a
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Nigeria Adventures Day 3 on the road – leaving Oyo to Niger

Just face north and drive, there is only one road out of Kisi in Oyo across Kwara then into Niger state if you are aiming for New Bussa. The Garmin GPS and Google maps both agreed I was on the … Read the rest

More Adventures around Nigeria Day 4


Mokwa to Bida was pure bliss! Smooth roads, with enough curves to keep one busy and little traffic to worry about. My target in Bida was the Federal Polytechnic, I did my national service there 30 years ago.

Once … Read the rest

Adventure around Western Nigeria in a Jeep Rubicon Day 2

One thing with camping out is you just have to wake up early!

Ready to go but the sun was not out till 0645, finally headed out and arrived Ado Awaiye in the early morning. The hills were shrouded in … Read the rest

Six Days in September – My trip around Nigeria Day 1

Have you heard of Ofada Rice? If you live or have visited Nigeria, it is likely you have heard, seen or eaten Ofada Rice, usually served at Upscale Restaurants trying to give diners that home cooked feel, with designs and … Read the rest

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