One thing with camping out is you just have to wake up early!

Ready to go but the sun was not out till 0645, finally headed out and arrived Ado Awaiye in the early morning. The hills were shrouded in mist, just the way I like them!

Climbing the Oke-Ado Mountain – another name for the hills –  to the hanging lakes was not as simple as driving to the foothills and going up, I first had to go see the ‘Kabiyesi’, the chief of the town, get permission then go with my guides to the entrance to the climb and start going up. I had a guide and three additional chaps who came along on their own, oh well.

40 equivalent floors later, we had reached the top and started making our way to the first lake. The stands of trees up here were quite big and thick, surprising for such a rocky place.

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