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Interview with Prof. OA Fakinlede on the best practices in teaching engineering design in Nigerian Universities and other resource-constrained countries.
In this episode, we discussed the best way to teach hard subjects so that students will gain relevant knowledge, how to leverage current technology to improve lecture delivery, design as a solution to multiple issues and what lies ahead in engineering education.
We discussed Autodesk’s Fusion 360 and why this software has revolutionized the way engineering design and modelling is being taught.

Prof. Omotayo Fakinlede is a visiting professor of Mechanical Engineering at LandMark University, Omu Aran in Kwara State of Nigeria.
With over 35 years experience, he has been at the forefront of engineering education and practice in Nigeria, both at the University and in research and support institutions.
You can reach Prof. OA Fakinlede at his website

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Topics discussed
Professor OA Fakinlede journey from the University of Ilorin
to the University of Lagos, where he was Dean of the School of Engineering
Why he went from academia to the Nigeria Mathematical Centre in Abuja and The Energy Commision of Nigeria His return to academia and the improvements he has seen post Military rule, his method of teaching mechanical engineering design at LandMark University OmuAran, why Autodesk Fusion 360 is a game changer in teaching engineering design , the student version of Fusion 360 and why it is so far ahead of other offerings
The vast potential of engineering design in Nigeria and similar countries and so much more.

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