We review the book -Move Up: Why Some Cultures Advance while Others Don’t- by Clotaire Rapaille and Andrés Roemer.

The book explores the relationship between biology and culture
Some major highlights
This is a factual book and not just based on some pet theory of the authors
The two authors are both heavyweights in their field
Dr. Rapaille is a marketing expert and Co-Founder of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide, he is the author of 14 books
Dr. Andres Roemer is a diplomat, entrepreneur, playwright and academic,
he has written 18 books on various topics including economics, happiness, art and crime
He is the CEO and co-founder of La Ciudad de las Ideas
The book is published by Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books
Ok, now into the book
Or rather, into the parts of the book
The glossary, appendices, bibliography and notes take up 100 pages of the 305 pages on offer
The introduction takes up just 20 plus pages
By the time you are done with the glossary and introduction, what is remaining should be easy to tackle, right?
Well, this was the approach I took.
I go the book back in August of 2015, read a few pages and quickly handed it over to my younger brother, it explained some topics on I was trying to pass across to him at that time…viz, why do some tribes in Nigeria consistently progress and are in front whey others are laggards and enjoy being prodded upon
How come those tribes at the bottom of the pole don’t emulate the successful ones and lift themselves up.
I felt the book handled it way better and was more global than my own home grown Philosophy 101 combined with Evolutionary Biology grabbed from various books and the net and mixed together!
Ok, back on topic
I took the book back in September of 2016
This review is based on 4 days of scanning through, you need to read the book yourself to get the full meat



pg 263 Individual unconscious, Collective unconscious, collective cultural unconscious
pg 261 Script Personal, Individual Life Structure
Pg 9 People vote with their feet
Pg 10 Definition of Moving Up
pg 18 Positive and Negative aspects of Culture
pg 19 The Four Ss
Interplay with Maslow
33 The 4 Modernization of Deng Xiaoping
Pg 35 Culture vs Biology

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