Peter Egbumoke shared what made him start a charity foundation after 10 years of pushing the start day back, the situation just out of our sights in Lagos, how the foundation had to pivot to better serve the needy and the challenges of raising funds and working with the poor and needy.

Peter Egbumoke is a Process Engineer with a major oil and gas company in Lagos, Nigeria where he carries out facilities design duties and co-ordinates maintenance strategies for offshore installations. At the close of his 9-5 gig, he enters a closet and comes out as a charity foundation chairman, mounts his horse (a 600cc Super Sports Motorcycle) and goes out to wage war on hunger, disease and malnutrition in the slums and not so slummy parts of Lagos.

The Felicia Michael Save our Soul Foundation was set up in 2013 by Peter in honour of his parents with the main aim of improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people through various programs.
To date, the foundation has organised concerts, various community outreach programmes and been consistently holding its food distribution events in the targeted communities it works with around Lagos.
The interview took place our temporary studio along Agungi Road in Lekki, Lagos. In this episode, you will hear Peter talk about…
  •  How he set up the Felicia Michael Save our Soul Foundation
  • The challenges of fund raising for a charity in Nigeria
  • Why the foundation had to implement a non conventional ‘soup kitchen’ model
  • How delivering service to a community does not make you immune from harassment in the same community
  • What drives him and others to continue giving even when it looks like there is no change.
  • How you can be part of the foundation’s work.

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You can find out more about Felicia Michael SOS Foundation on their website,

Contacts for FMSOF

  • Address: No.6, Ashabi Cole, Alausa Ikeja, Lagos. PO Box:7243, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Phone: +234 908 037 9317


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