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EP15 Bringing Vocational Education to Nigeria – XtreMechanics

XtreMechanics provides vocational education to secondary school leavers, graduates looking for a change in career, people carrying out research and automobile and bike enthusiasts looking to improve their knowledge of auto and related technologies

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How to Implement Good Health and Well Being for Africa

Dr. Fakunle of CeSAHA on the organisations goals, the UN sustainable programs and goals. CeSAHA and how implementing Good health and Well Being – Goal 3 will bring about the other goals.

CeSAHA is focused on Good health and Well Being – which is Goal 3 and how implementing this goal will bring about the others.

Dr. Fakunle drills down into how to implement a sustainable health project and program for maximum impact

You can get some of Dr. Fakunle’s work here

And reach CeSAHA on twitter via @cesahafrica

Can a culture have multiple personality disorder?

Interview with Dr. Frances Adikwu on culture, people and how to handle multiple competing demands on behaviour and stay sane.


Cooking with Chef KD Prime

EP13 The Easy Way to Cook Well and Fast

Cooking good healthy food made simple and easy with Chef KD Prime – Kola Dosunmu. Chef KD Prime breaks down the essentials to having a good meal every day at home in this episode and goes into his journey from his first attempt at frying eggs  at the age of 7 years to a professional Chef  with plans to open a chain of restaurants soon!

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How Safe is Road Travel in Nigeria?

Or should I rather stay in one town and ignore the rest of the country except for quick dashes around by air?

I get asked this question a lot. At school visit days when I go to see son#1, or when I post about spending a couple of hours with our friends in uniform at some horrible road in Kogi.

I met an acquittance I have not seen for years when I visited Abuja recently and he told me that he had not done any road trip longer than 50 kilometers from where he lives and work in the past ten years.

So, should you travel around Nigeria by road?

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Ogun State Vehicle Papers

10 Ways to Improve Road Travel in Nigeria

Traveling by road around Nigeria is not a nice experience, actually, it is a horrible experience. I travel about 4,000 km average every month and come across the same things day after day, sometimes, it feels like groundhog day in hell.
What can be done to improve the experience, see my top ten suggestions
  1. Provide signs on the road
Sounds easy right, but even with a GPS and paper map, a simple sign pointing out the name of a town or road works wonders to make the journey less stressful.
Especially at night when landmarks  and you wonder if that last junction was Mokwa or Molete.

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Ore Ijebu Ode Highway in Nigeria

RoadWorthiness Paper in Nigeria – Scam or Useless Piece of Paper?

The RoadWorthiness Paper Scam
Every vehicle on the road in Nigeria now carries one extra piece of paper.
Green background, with official looking logos and writing you can not read. You have to renew it every year or 6 months. It is one more thing for the police officers to check on the road.
And Road Safety officers.
And Vehicle Inspection officers.
And Operation Safer Highway officers.
And Anti Crime Patrol officers.
And Federal SARS.
And plains clothes officers.
And Customs officers.
And even local government touts.

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