TIES is all about Nigeria, West Africa and you.

What makes Nigeria tick, who are the people driving new initiatives to move the country forward and into a better now?

What does it take to make things happen positively in a country of 150 million people but no coherency in its approach to development?

The InyangEffiong Show investigates, catalogs and interviews the people behind the news and sometimes away from the news you hear, see and read. We bring in depth analysis, deep dive interviews, broad reviews and coverage to issues all around us.

Cutting across all segments, the show aims to educate, trigger thought and bring to you a multi-faceted treatment of the country and the region.

Come in and go along with us.

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Each Podcast episode has a show note with links to issues discussed on the show, resource materials and background information.

About the Host…

Hello and welcome to the page about me

Mcropped-The-Inyang-Effiong-Show-button.jpgy name is Inyang Effiong and I am the host of The InyangEffiong Show, TIES.

I live in Nigeria. Yes!

I am passionate about what makes people, society, cultures and countries work. I spend tons of time wondering and researching why one community does better than their next door neighbour, how come some group of people do so well in commerce and others are serial failures, what drives people to leave cushy jobs and start something for the community? What is the price people and societies have to pay to progress and stay that way?

Basically, what makes us tick?

I trained as an engineer in the University and  dabbled into computers when I first saw a Sinclair  ZX81 in 1983 towards the end of my first year, the follow up Spectrum was a quantum leap and hardened my sleep management since I had to wait till 1 am for the only owner of the unit at my University campus to go to sleep so I could have some time with it. I still owe my school a couple of Hard Drives from experiments on file sharing via the Serial Port and a couple of chips that melted from wrong voltages and such!

I started work in my second year in University when I discovered that being a ‘bus conductor‘ gave you an income in a day that beat the allowance from my brother for a week! and you get to eat really well with the drivers. How cool is that. Things went better from my 3rd year when I discovered dBase II, Clipper and Genifer and companies that required database setup and programming. The dark side was the accompanying need for black coffee and the long night sessions.

Post Graduation gigs started with a consulting firm, ESS – Effiong, Sayomi and Sayomi then on to an Aluminium Products firm in the engineering side before jumping into the EP industry for 10 years of hard labour, hard fun and travelling around the world.

The new millenium came with change, to a smaller tighter organisation and being able to drive and model things, I have been in the consulting business from then (1999) till now, helping clients solve problems ranging from Engineering, Health&Safety to Power.

2016 I moved into Adventure Travel with OutdoorsTour, to provide people with curated adventure holidays at nature spots around Nigeria.

Nigeria and West Africa is an exciting and fun place to be in. I have travelled around the 36 states of Nigeria on Motorcycle, done motorcycle trips from Nigeria to Senegal, couple of  tours of West Africa, Nigeria to Austria and toured Cameroon the hard way.

Discovering new locations for hiking, mountain climbing, running trails and cycling routes is what I love, apart from philosophy, taking pictures and of course, this podcast!